Pieter Post

Web developer


About me

Who I am

I am a web developer living in Urk, Holland, with a passion for the web and everything around it.

Besides designing & building things I love gaming and all kinds of sports.

What I do

I am currently unemployed and freelancing while looking for my dream job. I have a lot of different passions and am always interested in learning new technologies.

I am taking on side projects and am also available for a full-time position, get in touch if you'd like to collaborate.

Previous projects
Zkk Urk Website

Website Zkk Urk

A website created for a local scouting like orginisation that teaches youths the maritime ways.

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GamYi webapplication

GamYi Webapp

A webapplication that helps gamers find gaming videos, created for my thesis research.

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GamYi webapplication


A website that helps users of the game League of Legends find optimal strategies. This project has since been sold.

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In De Linnenkast website

In De Linnenkast

A website that was created for a local store that sells evertying from towels to bed's.

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A website that helps users of the game League of Legends find optimal strategies and guides, made while employed by SoloMid.net.

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Documentatie Centrum Urk

Documentatie Centrum Urk

A site created while freelancing for the GBU. I mostly worked on intergrating the backend and displaying items on the front-end.

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Skills and experience


In the beginning of 2014 I finished my degree in Communication & Multimedia Design at the Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden. The things I learend here are invaluable to me now while developing and provided me with a solid ground to start from.

My degree taught me a lot because of the phillosophy of the study, you work with actual companys starting in the second year, this brings real world problems to the table. By being subjected to this I learned how to handle myself in a professional setting and learned to overcome real world obstacles.

During the whole study there was a heavy focus on development, both front and back-end, wich ignited my love for developing and tought me key design principles.


I have been freelancing my services since 2009, mostly for advertisment creation and webdevelopment. In 2011 I interned at GBU for 6 months where I was placed as a webdeveloper and worked on creating websites in Joomla and writing custom plugins and internal webapplications.

In 2012 I started a hobby project together with Johan Post and took a year off school to work on it, it has since been sold to SoloMid.net and I worked for them untill early 2013 on several projects.

From the end of 2013 till the beginning of 2014 I worked at the GBU while finishing up my degree. After sucessfully finishing this project I've been freelancing while looking for my dream job.