This web application started as a hobby project and was created in collaboration with Johan Post. It was a site that offered detailed information for the videogame League of Legends. The project quickly grew and was eventually sold to The application offered several different tools to match different characters from the game against each other and was the first of its kind. The application was built with the Yii framework and made use of Twitter Bootstrap and relied heavily on JavaScript for the custom functions of the website.

One of the most requested features was the Team Builder, a community idea that matched up 2 different teams and compared them against each other. A lot of the tools that are available on the site were inspired by the community.

Since the site was heavily used ( Over 1.5 million page views per month ) there was a huge need for optimization. This mainly included a lot of caching and rewrites of major parts of the website. The site needed a lot of data to do its calculations, as we relied on user-input via voting and commenting we had to optimize the database for this purpose. This was a great learning experience while still in school and has taught me a lot about optimization and cashing.