Documentatie Centrum Urk

For this project I was hired as a freelancer by Grafisch Bedrijf Urk. It was a project for a local charity to preserve the local dialect and the way of life. I worked on both the front and backend for this project, for the frontend I was tasked with connecting it with the backend and displaying the results for the user. For displaying the images I had to create a custom image-viewer and for displaying the other file formats I had to find the most user friendly way of presenting them since most of the users would be elderly.

This was a very interesting project where we had to do a lot of custom work because the data was mostly entered by volunteers and these rotated quite a bit so the entry curve had to be very low. This meant that the backend should be easy and self-explanatory while also robust and detect when things were going wrong and fix them. Since this project worked on donations from all kind of sources we had to handle a lot of different file-types and implement viewing / listening options for all of them.

This was one of my favorite projects to work on since it combined a lot of different elements, such as the backup integration that backed the files up to a different server and only kept downscaled images on the primary server.