This web application was built to support my thesis research and marked the closing chapter of my study Communication & Multimedia Design at the Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden. I was responsible for every aspect of the project. I had to setup and take care of the server(s), design the application, implement the backend and frontend while planning ahead and taking note of the feedback I received. It was a great learning experience in all the aspects of development and a real eye-opener. The application is built on the powerful Yii framework coupled with a lot of custom JavaScript. The site is optimized for tablets and mobile straight in the browser with no need for a separate application.

The application helps users find new and interesting videos for their favorite games based on custom algorithms that separate the okay from the great videos.

The header navigation contains all the different filter options that the site uses to find the videos the user seeks. The site works by calling different API's to retrieve the videos and display them on the website.

The filter options are designed to quickly let the user decide what he wants to watch, how much time he has and how long it has been since he watched videos. By combining this the backend tries to find videos that would interest the user and that he hasn't seen yet.

The site was built to feel like an application and is a 1 page website. The page you land on is the only page you will see, this is achieved by making generous use of Ajax and overlays. The website also keeps track of what videos the user has seen by making use of HTML5 local storage or if the user is registered it will be tracked server side by voting on videos.

The website is heavily cashed for optimal performance and can handle a large number of users at a time by making optimal use of the (low-end) server it is hosted on.